Junior B (season 1 in writing)

“I went to a fight yesterday and a Junior B match broke out.” Junior B is an animated TV series that aims to capture the shenanigans of the lowest grade in hurling.

Watch Trailer A:

In 2013 we did two prototype trailers in order to test the concept of Junior B with the general public, through social media. The first of the trailers was comedy based and explored the themes of rural Ireland and its relationship with the GAA.

Watch Trailer B:

The Second trailer, was more theatrical in nature and was more like what you’d see in cinemas or on television demonstrating the key characters and how they interact with each other.

Cíor Thuathail – A Junior B storyline in disguise:
In early 2016, we started work on Cíor Thuathail, which despite the Alice in Wonderland like visuals, is an animated short set in the Junior B universe. While pioneering our approach to virtual reality and realtime graphics, on an artistic level, drama is the key focus. This is because comedy is something people always think of when they hear the words Junior B, drama isn’t. Drama is also harder to do with animation. So our aim with Cíor Thuathail is to explore drama and its potential within the Junior B universe, before we enter production cycle of the TV series itself, where there is no time to experiment.

We will begin work on Junior B in 2017, as soon as we have completed Cíor Thuathail! The series will be written by Sciob Sceab Edutainment.