Cíor Thuathail

Cíor Thuathail is a heartwarming story about a girl who journeys through the thoughts of her ill mother’s mind in a bid to hold onto her dear mother who has been fading away with Alzheimers.

The project is currently in production and is being made in partnership with Sciob-Sceab Edutainment and in association with An Lab.

Both on an aesthetic and storytelling level, Cíor Thuathial deliberately draws a lot of inspiration from the worlds of Lewis Caroll, such as Alice in Wonderland in order to convey the topsy-turvey nature of caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease.

Cíor Thuathail will be available in three forms: Interactive VR, 360 video VR and a standard cinematic render for 2D screens will also be available for film and television distribution.

Here is a sample of the Cíor Thuathail animation style in 360 video: