We are Gobstar Animation an irish animation company specializing in VR, motion capture and 3D animation.

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Film Festival Accredited:

Over the years, our films have been shown at film festivals both home and abroad. Dáithi agus Golaith in particular had great success and was shown at 3 high attendance film festival competitions.


Our expertise is Animated VR and 3D animation:


Currently, we have 3 animated short films under our belts, 2 of which were Irish film festival mainstays in 2012 and 2013 respectively. Building on that, we have also started work on three VR animated films: Cíor Thuathail, Shee and Gnarlsburg made using motion capture and real-time graphics engine Unity 5. We are also in early pre-production for Dáithi agus Goliath our first animated TV series in collaboration with Sciob Sceab and have been developing motion capture tools for sports science with start up Anamo Interactive.